Respect the Staff at all times.

No aggressive behavior, racism, political slurs or talking about religion or faiths in the comments, or forums.

No links or information about other torrent websites are to be posted in the comments or forums or advertising of any kind.

Please read the FAQ and other posts in the forums before messaging the Staff or posting in the forums.

Please do not post serial codes or links to cracks in the comments or the forums.

Selling invites can get you and the recipient of the invite banned.

Posting of videos must follow the same rules that are posted for Avatars Chats.

Do not have more than one account as this is against the rules.

Do not share your account with anyone. If you are sharing an ip address with someone else who has an account notifies staff.

Seeding is allowed from 3 ips only. Any more than that you will risk losing your account.

Seedboxes no longer are registered. Do not message the helpdesk or staff, we do not log them.

Do not send messages to the helpdesk without reading the Rules / FAQs and forums.

Breaking These Rules Can Will You Get Warned Or Direct Banned.

Rules                 F.A.Q.
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